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 |  hey, hey. so people are going back to school or, already in school so here’s this masterpost of helpful stuff to help you survive school!!
school resources: 
graphing / scientific / matrix / statistics calculator 
make some flash cards!!
tips on googling 
a lil studying guide 
note taking strategies 
tips on highlighting
math problem solver 1/2/3
lookin’ for some poems? 
TED videos
let’s study like college kids 
free fucking microsoft word
video math tutor!!
citation guide
pull an all-nighter & still ace that exam
online homework planner (also an app)
u lookin’ for a word?
let’s practice for the sat
mental health:
anxious and/or stressed?
feeling a little crappy? 
anxiety & panic masterpost yay
motivation for anything and everything
don’t be sad, check this cutie out
yoga for stress relief 
tips to help someone going through a panic attack
talking to someone with depression?
how to deal with mental illness
nice words from lil b
music ft. food
mixes for however you feel 
my favorite study mix
homemade mac & cheese
blueberry muffin in a mug
pita w/ avocados & fried eggs pizza
fav calming mix 
classical music for 4 hours
coffee shop sounds
3 hours of instrumental stuff
study snacking 101
good luck!!

Wait what Tegan and Sara are touring with Katy Perry?

Oh god that’s disappointing